Guidelines for a customer-centric and healthy B2B go-to-market strategy: DO’S and DON’TS

What you should do for a healthy go-to-market strategy and execution in Mid-Market and Enterprise:

✅ Focus customer choreographies around concrete use cases where your prospect client can empathise

✅ Sell your proven business impact, not the features

✅ Get focused on Ideal Customer Profiles with which you have concrete validation

✅ Do “strategic outbound prospecting”, this is not about cold calling. It works if you know how to do it.

✅ Get obsessed with funnel, process, KPI’s and training & enablement

✅ Focus your customer acquisition engine on these KPI’s: pipeline in $ and number of Opps, conversion rate Opps to Won

✅ Build a scalable and aligned team through Go-To-Market Bible and Playbook

✅ Set up the appropriate systems. Salesforce. Outreach. Jiminny or Gong.

✅ Instead of pre-cooked AI recipes from your existing vendors, get a flexible AI platform for the GTM team like Copy AI

✅ Hire people based on experience and deal size, especially the ones with tough past experiences but that still keep the passion


What you shouldn’t do instead

❌ Keep on doing business if your product is a vitamin and not a medicine

❌ Focus your pitch on features.

❌ Go everywhere and against everyone

❌ Let the sales people decide which Account to go after

❌ Think you can improve without measuring with purpose

❌ Hire sales executives who only worked in big corporations

❌ Look only for that superstar VP Sales

❌ Be Bottleneck Founders

❌ Split Sales and Marketing too early

❌ Underinvest in Onboarding and Customer Success

❌ Hire Marketeers that talk about MQL in the interviewing process

❌ Waste money. The era of Burn rate is over. Welcome the era of efficient growth.

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